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Green Laser Kits
DPM Crystals

Diode-pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers are the ideal laser tools for applications such as pointing light shows, machining, material processing, spectroscopy, wafer inspection and medical diagnostics. Toptec’s Diode-Pump Microchip (DPM) crystal assemblies combine Nd:YVO4 and KTP and act as the laser core for green DPSS lasers. Applications for DPMs include green laser pointers, laser displays, DPSS green lasers and surveying laser systems.

SpecificationsCommercialHigh Precision
Surface quality20-10 S/D20-10 S/D
Dimensional tolerances+/-0.1mm+/-0.05mm
Pump Power300 mW500 mW
Output Power>25 mW at 532nm>50 mW at 532nm


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